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For Bladers all across the world to come together, and blade together. Soon to be a real business, join us as we work our way to the top. Our goal is for BeyBladers around the world to battle along with eachother!
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BeyBlade Tournament 10/22/2011 at your local Toys R Us! (Only available in the USA) Times may change, so check up on the Toys R Us website! Note: For some, it may just be a "freeplay". For some, there is no prizes. Good Luck Bladers!
March 2019

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    Hi All,Name's Crimson.I'm a Blader.
    I like RPing and All that,But I don't battle that often in real life though.
    please invite me to RPs if you can,Because I love roleplaying and Bey blade

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    Hey everyone im Melvin...and im new to the where do we play beyblade at?

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    hello, my name is Winter, i hope to become a Legendary BayBlader and have some true friends. Now, i am  just a beginner, but hey, isn't it okay? Oh, and i almost forgot my Bay is Pisces, a constellation of Zodiac; it has all the organelle Pisces

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    remember me
    Tue Sep 25, 2012 3:32 pm by bramto
    hey i am bramiano i needed to make new account so hehe i am back lol

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    Tue Jul 31, 2012 5:25 am by SETH BEYBLADE
    Hi everybody! I am blader and I'm SETH BEYBLADE, My favorite beyblade is Dark Bull H145SD, and L- Drago, but I prefer to use Dark Bull, Ilike it so much! I can show you my beyblade videos on my youtube channel. Remember to visit my videos at Beyblade Videos! Nice to meet you! Thanks!

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    walking into International beyblader Im adart113!!
    Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:03 am by adart113
    Cool cherry hello my name is adart113 and Im a stamina type beyblade user and my partner is Burn Fireblaze I am also sister to another blader texan113 who uses dark gasher. lol!

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    Hello!! i'm here!!!
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    i'm italian bladers and i think that in this forum i'll take good info for my sport!!^^

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    hey there, as you can already tell im pretty new here. you can simply call me slof.

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    oops forget something
    Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:42 pm by bramiano
    i now it is a bit late but hello i am bramiano or bram that is my real name
    nice too meet you cheers

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    PostSubject: NEW BEYBLADE MMORPG/ORPG   Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:33 pm

    Hey guys. My name is Zero. I couldnt think of a better place to post this so here it is. I am developing a beyblade mmo right now and just need some programming help and a little spriting help also. Let me explain about the game. WARNING!! LARGE AMOUNTS OF TEXT! and Graphics are at the bottom!

    Name: Blader Legends Online

    Story: Thousands of years ago, war ravished the earth. This war had created a lot of pain and suffering throughout the land. There were 2 sides. The elementalist, and the Tamers. Elementalists used the powers of the different element such as Fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, and the forbidden, darkness. Tamers used the powers of the Animal spirits they controlled. Because they were so evenly matched, the war waged for centuries. Fighters used weapons know as Blades. Blades were just like swords however each individual blade was not like a regular sword and it they all had a special emblem embedded into them. Both sides had control of this power.

    100 years before the current era, a man who went by the name "Zetsumei" appeared from the shadows possessing the unparalleled power of Darkness. He was a man born into the element states but due to the war, had lost his family and found himself at the Tamer states at a young age. His youth allowed him to not arouse any suspicion when he appeared at the tamer states wounded. He was trained in the ways of Taming before he went rogue and disappeared from the world for 10 years.
    With his return, he brought the power of a great beast and the forbidden element. With this power of his, he was able to single-handedly wipe out towns and cities of anyone that stood in his way. His goal was to take over and end the war while pulling the world into an era of complete darkness.
    Along came a man by the name of "Mikomi" just as the world was losing all hope. He, like Zetsumei, had gone through the same struggles throughout life and had also learned of a way to control both the elements and the beasts. However, he did not stand alone. He came along with 4 others and they called themselves the Ketteiteki. Due to the fact that they did not cling to their power and they allowed themselves to grow, they were able to unlock the divine power of the emblem that was marked on their blades. The energy released was so powerful that it created a spinning force. The force then solidified into what is known as a Beyblade. These Ketteiteki used the power of their elements, beasts and beyblades and put it it all together to destroy the kingdom of darkness Zetsumei was trying to create. These warriors ushered in a new era of peace with their beyblades and inspired others to find the true powers that lie withing themselves and their blades.

    Decades later everyone uses beyblades, and due to the connection of the two warring sides during the battle against Zetsumei, everyone is now able to use elements and battle with Bit Beasts. There is still the lingering hatred that was left behind by Zetsumei in his sealed blade lost somewhere at sea. The hatred and power left behind is one to push the world into another great war, and it has now been found by a man named Chigiri.

    Begin Blader Legends

    In this game, you learn of the Legends that surround beyblades, the elements, and bit beasts as you grow and learn more about yourself and your blader spirit.

    You will create your own character, and start the game. You will start in one of the three states. You must first enroll in the Beyblade academy. Passing the academy in like doing a tutorial. You will learn things from the npc's. There will be 5 grades. Each grade teaches you something new.
    Grade 1 - Teaches you about launching your blade and how to control it and train it.
    Grade 2 - teaches you about techniques and the different skills you can use with your blade.
    Grade 3 - Teaches you about blade customization and what parts would help what stat.
    Grade 4 - Teaches you about bit beats. How to get one, how they can help you improve your stats and so on.
    Grade 5 - Teaches you about Blade elements. Elements to adapt your bit beast to or just to make your blade stronger if you dont have a bit beast.

    After you are learning from each grade you must take an exam to ensure you learned what you should have. The academy is not mandatory but while being enrolled you will learn alot more and exp will be easier to get.

    Once you have completed the academy, You can blade for money, enter tournaments, create a team of bladers, and just explore the beyblade world.

    Graphics - This is probably what most people are looking forward to. I have completed a base, and i have alot floor tiles completed and i'm starting on buildings. I need help mostly on spriting the clothing, onto the base, and i'm going to start with the spriting of beyblades soon. along with launchers and such.

    Thats just a mockup to show a little of how things will be like. This should not be like the final copy.
    well ask questions and such. i want to hear your feed back. and Dont hate please, just trying to have some fun


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